Knowing God Cares

Understanding Grace, Faith, and Foregiveness


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Julie SosebeeBeverly, simply stated, I loved your Bible study!  You touched my heart, and that touch brought a deep awareness of God’s presence.  Your study brings biblical passages a more personal significance as you relate them to your life.  I struggle with faith.  I give my heartaches to God, but then remind Him of the concerns I have.  How I can doubt the infinite wisdom and power of our God is unfathomable, but my puny faith creeps in time after time.  Your book helps me to know I am not alone.  He is with me and I am encouraged by your words. Your insight translated beautifully and effectively. I really don’t have criticism as to content to contribute.  You have some typos and there are a couple of instances where your wording is questionable, own versus on I think and once in the story of Gideon I reread a passage for clarity. Thank you for sharing.     ~Julie Sosebee~


strongHey Beverly, I have read lesson one. Great writing! So easy to read! It’s like you have taken the complication out of Bible verses and painted a picture that is clear to understand. For me whenever I am doing a Bible study I can rarely read the verse and know what it is saying without reading over the study notes (often several times before I get what it is saying). … I absolutely love everything I have read and know that The Lord is using you as an instrument! … I am so happy for you and proud of you for doing this!!! ~Cyndi Cox Strong~



Beverly, I thought the book was great! The verses and Bible stories were great choices to focus on faith. I found the discussions on each Bible story to be presented in a simple fashion which made them easy to follow and understand. The way you intertwined your own personal experience helps the reader apply the Bible stories to current life!! The book is very encouraging to continue a strong faith and relationship with God. Thanks for sharing!                                                                                 Margaret Mitchell Pennington