Knowing God Cares

Understanding Grace, Faith, and Foregiveness

About Beverly

Written By: Beverly Morrison-Wickwire

Knowing God Cares

Hello and thank you for visiting this site. My name is Beverly Morrison-Wickwire, and I have developed this website because of my desire to help those who are seeking to know if God really cares. It is my hope that the articles and publications associated with this site will help with the difficult questions many average individuals deal with on a daily basis, and will provide spiritual support to those who feel they need guidance.

I invite you to read through the articles, then fill out the form at the end of each page. If you have a prayer request or are in need of additional help, please include your information in the message section.

Believe me, I have enjoyed the richest of God’s blessings in life. But I have also been in situations and circumstances in which my reliance on Him was all I had to see me through. God not only proved He is there but, just as importantly, He demonstrated how much He truly cares. This website and the resources He allows me to offer are a direct result of His grace and kindness in my life.

I am pursuing my BAR from Liberty University and am having a great time in my studies.  My children, who have brought so much joy to my life, live in the Atlanta area. At every opportunity, I spend time with my seven incredible grandchildren who are all as close to perfect as any human beings can be. Since my husband’s retirement from the Army, we are enjoying valuable time growing together as a couple. We currently live in Alabama with our cat, Kat.